How long can you freeze mini cupcakes for?

One of the most common questions new cupcake makers ask is “Can you freeze these adorable mini cupcakes, and if yes for how long?”. And I get it. Either you have a lot to make. Or you have some left over which you want to use for making cupcakes.

Whatever the case be, the answer is “yes” you can freeze these mini cupcakes.

How long can you freeze mini cupcakes for 

can you freeze mini cupcakes

But for how long? This is the question that most beakers are dying to know

As for this question, it depends on a number of factors, but in general Cupcakes stay fresh for up to 4 weeks, after which they begin to dry.

Whereas according to some other cupcake bakers, frozen cupcakes can last for 3 months.

So there is no exact answer to how long you can freeze these mini cupcakes but for a safer side it is better to keep the cupcakes frozen for not more than 1 month.

The cupcakes are best if eaten within 3-4 days of making, but will be fine for up to a week, but may begin to dry out after that if you don’t freeze them.

Since you are planning to freeze your cupcakes you might wanna know …

how to thaw frozen cupcakes


It usually takes a couple of hours for cupcakes to thaw (depending on the temperature of your room).

Place the cupcakes on a cooling rack after removing them from the freezer (brush off any visible ice crystals) and placing them in the freezer.  Place a clean towel over the cupcakes while they are in the freezer.

Here are some things you should know about freezing cupcakes:

If you plan to frost and eat your decorated cupcakes within a couple days, I recommend storing them at room temperature and It is best to freeze them if you do not intend to frost or enjoy them within a couple of days.

How long can you freeze mini cupcakes for? 

Frosted cupcakes should be brought back to room temperature before serving to soften the buttercream.  This will prevent the cupcakes from tasting like butter

Let cupcakes cool completely before storing. Even a little bit of heat will cause condensation to form inside the container and cause your cupcakes to form sticky tops. I let my cupcakes cool for at least an hour.

Make sure the container has an airtight lid. These are my favorite containers. Additionally, they are large enough to hold frosted cupcakes. 

They can be kept at room temperature for two days. They should be frozen within two days. 

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