Have you tried these 7 best cupcake recipes yet?

Who doesn’t love cupcakes? Everyone’s favorite, these little Cupcakes has become very popular nowadays.
Cupcakes come in several recipes. So Choosing the best cupcake recipe for the first time can be difficult if you’re new into this thing.
So in this article, I’ll tell you 7 best cupcake recipes that you must try, and I’ll tell you how to make these best Cupcakes recipe from scratch so don’t worry.

But first what cupcake is?

Even though it’s a famous dessert and almost everyone knows about it, but still, if anyone doesn’t know, then
here’s the answer,
best cupcakes recipe
Cupcake is basically a small cake baked in a paper container that is formed like a cup, with icing on top.
people can purchase and eat these exquisite cupcakes whenever they want, you can eat them anywhere,
and you can find them in your nearest restaurants, bakeries, and these are the privileges that are making them more popular,
plus they are also a trending topic on social media because of their awesome looks.
These beautiful little cupcakes are way too delicious and fluffy. You can use these cupcakes in several ways.
You can either gift them on any occasion, or you can make it as a birthday cupcakes for your kids or give someone a treat for an apology. It is a perfect thing to make everyone happy.

so here is

7 best cupcake recipes

1. delicious chocolate cupcake recipe

Chocolate cupcakes recipes

“Chocolates”, Who doesn’t love chocolates? Rarely I come across someone who doesn’t like chocolates.
As chocolate is everyone’s favorite, it will be super awesome For chocolate lovers.
Chocolate cupcake recipe is more popular than any other cupcake recipe.
So chocolate plus cupcakes are like double fun, which you can’t resist to eat.
These chocolate cupcakes are filled with tasty brown chocolate and frosting on the top. A perfect cupcake that everyone will make everyone happy!
Moreover, chocolates are Very Nutritious. so there is no point to say no to this cupcake recipe.

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2. super moist vanilla cupcakes


vanilla cupcakes are pretty popular; These delicious little cupcakes are perfect for any moment!
These are one of my favorite cupcake recipe, these little fluffy, super moist cupcakes are delicious.
The vanilla cupcake recipe is super simple to make and can be made by simple ingredients almost every basic Cupcake ingredients which requires for the recipe will probably be in your kitchen.
So you don’t need to run to the market and worry about any other extra things.
Vanilla cupcakes are quite fluffy. However, you may need some eggs if you want to make your cupcakes extra fluffy. These are some easy recipes that you can make from scratch.

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3. tasty lemon cupcake recipe

Have you tried these 7 best cupcake recipes yet?
If you love lemon then probably you will love these lemon cupcakes too. These lemon cupcakes can be the perfect lemon dessert for you.
These cupcakes are moist, soft, light and full of lemon flavor; you can feel that bright lemony flavor in its every bite. Lemon cupcakes are fluffy, moist and it will melt in your mouth in no time. These lemon cupcakes will make your oven full of lemony smell.
Lemon cupcakes are one of my favorite cupcakes. Also, these moist lemon cupcakes recipe isn’t too difficult to make. So don’t overthink about it, pick the recipe and start making it.
You can try this lemon cupcake with any frosting you like however in this recipe i will be showing you this recipe with lemon buttercream frosting. these lemon Cupcakes with Buttercream Frosting are delicious.
An excellent cupcake recipe for those who love lemon dessert.

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4. red velvet cupcake recipes

red velvet cupcake recipe
These are mini versions of classic red velvet cake which are very popular and can be found in almost every bakery. This red velvet cupcake is perfect for gifting or on any occasion.
These red velvet cupcakes are moist and flavorful, and in this red velvet cupcake recipe, a small quantity of cocoa is used to make them chocolatey. Which can enhance their taste a little more moreover, red velvet cupcake and the chocolate cupcake can be a perfect Valentine’s treat.
it’s the best gift that you can make for this valentine day.

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5. tasty strawberry cupcake recipe

strawberry cupcakes recipe

As you can see from the name itself, strawberry cupcake recipe is made of fresh red juicy strawberries.
These moist and tender pink cupcakes are delicious. The strawberry cupcakes can be a perfect valentine gift that you can make for those who loves these juicy red strawberries.
strawberry cupcakes are topped with creamy strawberry buttercream Frosting.
In these cupcakes no artificial colours are used, everything comes from fresh red strawberries.
Same as chocolate cupcakes strawberry cupcakes are also nutritious.

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6. banana cupcake recipe

delicious bnana cupacake recipe
delicious bnana cupacake recipe

As we all know, Banana is a protein-rich fruit, so making these delicious little banana cupcake can be a perfect snack for everyone especially for kids. So I would suggest you to must try these banana cupcakes once, you’ll love it.
The banana cupcake recipe is pretty straightforward, Compared to other cupcakes recipes,
these soft-moist banana cupcakes are topped with cream cheese frosting; however, you can use another frosting as well,
for example,
you can use peanut butter frosting or brown sugar buttercream to these cupcakes instead of cream cheese frosting.

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7. yummy oreo cupcake recipe

delicious oreo cupcake recipe with cream frosting
Oreo cupcake recipe is my second favorite recipe after the chocolate cupcake recipe.
I have rarely met someone who doesn’t love Oreo cookies or Oreo cupcakes. So there is no point to saying no to Oreo cupcake recipe.
You must give it a try. These soft, light and moist oreo cupcakes are surprisingly delicious. It’s a perfect cupcake recipe to make anyone happy.
Oreo cupcakes come in two types, either vanilla oreo cupcakes or chocolate oreo cupcakes.
unlike other cupcake recipes, this oreo cupcake recipe is not too complicated to make you can make it quickly, just like the Vanilla cupcakes

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Do you know any other cupcakes recipe? Don’t keep the secret to yourself
please comment down and share with me.

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